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  • Transpacific partnership in the post-pandemic world.
    The inclusion of Britain into TPP will definitely open up new frontier and opportunities for the post-Brexit world. The post-Brexit world went through many unprecedented changes and according to some estimates, the Brexit referendum has led to the decline in British income by 1.3%. Joining the […]
  • Looming danger of rural disruption in India
    Even in the twenty-first century, India is a rural economy. Majority of people in India, still, dependent directly or indirectly upon agriculture for their livelihood. Though the service sector dominates the GDP of the nation, but it is the agriculture sector that has provided the latent […]
  • Indian stock market -A bubble ready to burst?
    The equity market is undergoing a very delicate and sensitive phase. Recently, RBI has signaled that there may arise the delicate situation of ‘bubble’ in the equity market. RBI maintained that the absurd combination of plummeting GDP growth and surging prices of stock markets may put […]
  • India’s rural sector and Covid-19
    The rural economy of India is under strain now. Hitherto untouched areas are now been penetrated deep inside the by the pandemic. This has created a situation, perilous for not only the rural economy, in particular but also, for the whole economy, in general. The second […]
  • Curbing on cryptocurrency, is China going the right way?
    After imposing restrictions on bitcoins recently, the price of Bitcoin plummeted to the level of $34,000 (£24,030) for the first time. This has to be seen in the backdrop of the situation, where, Tesla reflected an unwillingness to accept the currency for their transaction. So how […]