COVID- The surmountable problem

As the second wave of pandemic has now turned itself into reality, it becomes more paramount that the economic doesn’t suffer as we experienced last year. Our economy is highly disproportionate towards the informal sector and it is the informal sector that feed millions of people in the nation. Past immediate lockdown has shown the deleterious impact of the lockdown on the economy. Shutting even one sector of the economy would inexorably leads to the complete mayhem, leave aside the shutting of whole economy altogether.

It can be said unequivocally that, the developed world has made quite a progress in containing the pandemic in comparison to that of the developing and third world nations. This has to be seen in the backdrop of the situation whereby the developed world was the world where this pandemic situation raised its early hood to an unprecedented level. At the same time, it would be quite absurd to interpret that the pandemic is now the past history for these nations. It is pertinent to mention here that the pandemic is still playing its villainous role, but the situation is not worst as can be observed in countries like India.

Lesser mortality rates in India last year viz a viz the European nations, proved to be advantageous. But the lesson was not learned quite well. A home to almost 1.21 billion people, India at the present scenario, is standing at the juncture where, even a small baby footstep in the wrong direction would lead the nation into abyss. Then it turns out to be the whole responsibility of the sitting government to manage the situation, leave aside the blame game. Many economists and researchers have made the point that government is doing and executing the favourable jobs to the lesser extent. This point cannot just be ignored as the government is in a better position to deal with the already known situation of pandemic.

Historical evidences have proved that it is the second wave of pandemic that proved out to be more lethal and deleterious. The situation could not happen out to be so worse, if the already taken steps should have extended to the greater extent. But now, as the situation is alarming, government should come out with more unique steps.

First of all, complete lockdown is not the solution, as it could not solve the problem last year in the first place. Sporadic lockdown in proportion to the degree of the magnitude of the problem could be a better alternative.

Secondly, government should play its effective role in pacifying the situation by keeping the anxiety among the people at the lowest level. In this direction, the role of media turns out to be huge. Rather than just portraying the dark side of the situation, the media needs to encourage and motivate the people to fight the situation. This can be analogous to the situation, whereby, the media played an effective rule in changing the attitudes of people towards the adoption of penicillin during world war 2. Proper utilisation of media can act as forces multiplier and in the words of Abraham Lincoln “Public opinion is everything. With it nothing can fail, without it nothing can succeed.”

Thirdly, there is a sharp need to augment the supplies for the effective treatment of COVID-19, but this has to be supplemented and not has to be replaced with that of other diseases. Many of the deaths occurring on account of co-morbidities, so, reducing the infection with other diseases becomes too imperative. In addition, only the serious patients should be admitted to hospitals whereas the rest with mild symptoms can place themselves under home quarantine. It will greatly lighten up the burden upon already scarce and scant health resources.

Finally, the most important, among all, the importance of health should be considered seriously by all the sections of the society. Hygienic measures and proper well-balanced diet, etc. should be given priority. Rather, such measures need to be indoctrinated and internalised by the general masses at their own personal level, as all the pandemic irrespective of time can be reduced to a considerable extent by adopting such simple measures.

No doubt, only time will describe how well we are going to contain this situation, but we should use every weapon in our arsenals so as to overwhelm our enemy. Its now turn out to be the responsibility of each and every individual, for the simple reason that, life of each and every one of us is at stake.

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My name is Vipal Bhagat, going to be doctorate in applied economics. My aim is to analyse and interpret the current economic happenings around us, according to the core and basic principles of economics.

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